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TourDad is the only place on the web teaching musicians how to use the internet to build a following,
 leverage social media, sell more merch, and develop business & marketing skills.
FREE eBook Reveals... Valuable Information About Facebook Ads, Selling Merch, Business for Bands & Marketing Skills.
What Can TourDad Do For My Band? 

Build A Following

Internet exposure from your fans is the life blood of your bands online presence. Unless you have fans visiting your social media pages & interacting with them, unfortunately your band will never take off in 2017. Luckily, TourDad University teaches social media & internet marketing mastery!

Learn Business Skills

Will your band be professional or a bunch of amateurs? Your ability to interact with promoters, booking agencies, record labels and management agencies will dictate important milestones in your musical career. 

Sell More Merch

Every show represents an opportunity to make hundreds of dollars in profit selling merch. Unfortunately, most bands don't possess the skills to successfully sell mech to their fans. How much money are you leaving on the table at your shows? TourDad's Merch University is the answer so many bands that desperately need, in order to turn a profit from their shows and tours.
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